Speaking and Training

“Sabrina’s passion for living and her exciting, interesting and fun presentation style make her a hit with audiences. She knows what she’s talking about and is very well researched and empowering.”  Dr Ava Eagle Brown – Master coach, award-winning international speaker and bestselling author

If you want an engaging and entertaining speaker, who knows what she is talking about, then contact Sabrina about talking at your next event. Whether you want a full presentation or you need an ‘expert in the room’ for panel discussions you can be sure that Sabrina will draw on well-supported information and research and put together a refreshing and inclusive session that is tailored to your audience.

Sabrina is an experienced innovative chef and has presented exciting and fun cooking demonstrations and training at many events. She also specialises in training and discussion groups for women on peri-menopause and menopause and has insights based on over 25 years in health education and additional training in nutrition and menopause management.

Her training options include:

Menopause and Food Workshops

Menopause is a time of many changes for women, diet and lifestyle play a significant role during this time. This workshop includes a discussion on the hormonal upheaval of menopause and its symptoms including weight loss mistakes, gut and hormonal health. It’s an opportunity to share personal journeys while gaining a greater understanding of menopause, symptoms and hormonal health and learning how diet can help to manage menopausal symptoms.

Overcoming Symptoms with Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle Changes

This fun-filled, fast-paced session includes information and advice on how to master midlife changes, reduce the impact of symptoms and support long-term health. Sabrina will talk passionately about her own journey and give out lots of practical tips on how to cope with and alleviate symptoms that affect women from the age of 40 or younger though diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

One to One Coaching

If you’re a keen cook and or want to master cooking for perimenopause or menopause Sabrina offers one-to-one training in Shropshire and the surrounding areas. She will help you to master recipes and make incredibly tasty and delicious food you’re proud of.  You will also look at the effect of the decline of hormones on your body and eating foods to help you balance hormones as well as symptoms, diet and lifestyle. Want to come in a small group? Discounts are available  for bulk bookings.

Cooking for Menopause and Perimenopause – The Next Level

This training or presentation will go into more detail about ingredients to use to make your cooking really pop. You’ll also be provided with extra insights into cooking techniques and the science behind the key ingredients. This next level will give you  more confidence to implement Sabrina’s amazing cooking in your daily life and can be tailored to individuals or small groups.

Key Ingredients for Zinging up your Midlife

This presentation focuses on the culinary side with extra insights into cooking techniques and the science behind the key ingredients to really make your cooking pop whilst supporting your mid-life changes. Participants will leave with more confidence to implement Sabrina’s amazing cooking in their daily lives from simple changes to using new ingredients in new ways to reduce the impact of symptoms.

Contact Sabrina for further information sabrina@themenopausechef.com