Women’s Workshop on Health and Hormone Function – 02/01/2019

Women in their forties and fifties are invited to learn how to manage mid-life upheaval and the symptoms of menopause at a half day workshop in February.

Sabrina Zeif, the UK’s first Menopause Chef, will be helping women become more confident to make the right choices at her Menopause and Food Workshop on Saturday, 02 February 2019 in Shrewsbury.

She said: “Menopause is a time of many changes for women, physically, emotionally and mentally. It can be a period of midlife mayhem with our hormones taking over our lives.

Many women don’t understand that fatigue, anxiety, weight gain, brain fog and mood swings are all symptoms of the perimenopause which starts in your 40’s.”

The workshop will look at simple diet and lifestyle changes that can be made to improve your gut and hormonal health, reduce cravings and avoid weight gain.

“I want to take the mystery and fear out of the hormonal changes that confront all women. This workshop is a great opportunity to get together with like-minded women and they will go home feeling empowered, supported and educated about menopause.”

She continued: “The menopause is not an old woman’s thing, we need to break the taboo and start talking menopause.”

The workshop, is being held at The Mytton and Mermaid, Atcham Shrewsbury, on Saturday 2 February from 13:30 – 16.30.Tickets are available from EventBrite.


Sabrina Zeif is changing the face of cooking, education, training and community support for menopause. She is the Founder of Kitchen Thyme and is a well-known chef and food judge and has her own series on Simply Good Food TV.


In 2018 her business focus changed to Menopause and she is now known as The Menopause Chef. Sabrina draws on years of experience as chef and a healthcare professional to create exciting recipes, demonstrations and training for menopausal women. She has built a vital multicultural online global community of women that focuses on all things menopause that’s fierce, funny and highly inclusive. 


For further information or an interview please contact Sabrina Zeif, The Menopause Chef on sabrina@themenopausechef.com Tel: 07855 341 516