Not An Old Lady Thing!

Not An Old Lady Thing!

Do you think menopause is an old woman’s thing? Come on be honest? Sabrina did because at age 51 it was not a consideration even when my doctor said she was going through ‘The Change’. It never occurred to her that she was PERI-MENOPAUSAL from age 47 when I had a catalogue of symptoms which I attributed to a stressful work environment.

She had migraines for a six-week stretch, forgot where she parked her car, and the weight started creeping up, She lost her confidence, felt tired, moody, and also suffered backache, bloating, leakage, hot flushes eventually and night sweats.

Peri-menopause & Menopause are Natural

Peri-menopause is the time prior to menopause, the lead up you could say. Sabrina says If only she was more aware of the hormonal upheaval which her body was going through, then she would have not had to struggle so silently.

It’s our mission to educate and help women from as early as their mid-30’s to be aware of hormonal changes and its effects and how they can recognize symptoms early and make simple adjustments to our diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

Some 13 million women in the UK are menopausal. Eight out of ten women experience some type of symptoms, half will find them difficult to deal with. Twenty-five percent of women will suffer severe symptoms which can last up to ten years.

Women can live 30-50 years after menopause, so it’s definitely not an old woman thing. It’s a natural TRANSITION for every woman after the childbearing years. No more pads, tampons and periods. A time to rejoice. So why has it been a taboo for so long? Maybe because we are a society fixated with youth and looks.

Talking Openly about Menopause

As a society, we are only just getting to grips with talking about menopause. Women do suffer in silence and often rarely talk about the loss of libido, vaginal dryness, and depression. Throw in irritability, breast pain, digestive problems, sleep disorders, anxiety, aching joints, the list goes on.

Stress is a huge factor and can affect us physically, mentally and nutritionally. It can lead to weight gain, sleep disruption, digestive problems and exhausts the immune system. Caring for elderly parents, kids leaving home, career changes, redundancy, and hormonal upheaval, is there any wonder we are overwhelmed at times? The key here is to take time out for yourself. Building in a routine of 10-15 minute ‘me time’ – with no phone or laptops to distract you.

OK, another big taboo subject. The dry vagina! Goodness, how embarrassing for many. You can discuss this with your GP and get prescription pessaries which work wonders, but you may also want to use natural lubricants like Sylk. There is more you can do, and we discuss this topic openly at our menopause retreats.

Dietary and lifestyle factors also play a significant role in the severity of symptoms. Not only are hormones declining but so are some nutrients.

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