As the Menopause Chef, Sabrina passionate about sharing information and advice on perimenopause and menopause and showcasing just how amazing cooking for this stage of life can be! Her journey is a fascinating one and she’s warm, intelligent and well informed in the latest advances in research.

Here are some of the topics she can talk to and as an innovative chef and educator she’s very open to new ideas and angles:

  • Food as medicine for perimenopause and menopause – How to cook and eat for balanced hormonal health.
  • Recognising perimenopause and menopause and how to adjust to the change.
  • How menopause brings out your warrior – Approaching menopause with a warrior spirit.
  • Cooking demonstration of Sabrina’s delicious food including tips and tricks. Sabrina has had her own series on Simply Good Food TV.
  • The importance of community when going through menopause and how to become part of communities that support you.
  • How to talk about perimenopause and menopause with loved ones and how to get them on board with your journey.

For media enquiries contact Sabrina at

Sabrina in the Media

I was proud to be part of the judging panel for the inaugural Spotlight Awards by Live Better with Menopause

Become event to celebrate World Menopause Day. I was an expert speaker. See link from Eventbrite.

News Article

I was on the Breakfast Show talking about menopause and local Shropshire Group,” Women On Fire” which I launched.

 I will be on BBC Shropshire Radio with Paul Shuttleworth on Nov 11th talking Menopause and Food.

An article written by Kim Gilmore featured in Shropshire Business about The Menopause Chef

Guest post recipe in Megs Menopause for Quinoa Berry Breakfast Porridge

Menopause and food workshop via Newson Health.

Menopause & Food Workshop Saturday 2nd Feb 13:30pm