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Stress and the Menopause

My Motto: Laugh more and worry less…. Easier said than done! How you age is profoundly affected by how you handle stress. Stress is a response to the demands on our bodies and loves and is often a response to crisis or fears. If stress affects you too much, it creates...

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The Effect Of Diet On Your Hormones

Hormonal balance is vital to proper body functioning. Certain foods in your diet can affect this hormonal balance. The effect hormones have on our bodies will serve us well as we enter each new decade of our lives. I am not talking in your 50 ’s people, I am talking...

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Relationships and Menopause

Menopause can be a challenging time for some women, and it can have a detrimental effect on relationships. However, with some advance preparation and knowledge you can support each other and enjoy this amazing chapter in your life. Let me be clear though that...

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Zesty Mango Salad

Mangoes add a whole new flavour dimension to a simple salad. Who said salads should be boring! It's easy to make with fresh ingredients and a few seeds. Feel free to make substitutions so use this recipe as a base to create your own variations. I like to add freshly...

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Quinoa Fruit Porridge

Here's a healthy breakfast option that I have made using quinoa, nuts and seeds. It can be made overnight and then served hot or cold in the morning with a sprinkling of your favourite fruit. It's very quick and simple to make. [yumprint-recipe id='7']

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Magnesium and the Menopause

Magnesium levels reduce during menopause. All organs in the body including kidneys and heart need magnesium to function properly and magnesium also supports heart and bone health, enzyme production and enzyme activation. What is Magnesium Needed for? Good nerve...

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